Preprints, short and sweet

Photo courtesy of Nelli Hankonen

These are slides (with added text content to make more sense) from a small presentation I held at the University of Helsinki. Mainly of interest to academic researchers.

TL;DR: To get the most out of scientific publishing, we may need imitate physics a bit, and bypass the old gatekeepers. If the slideshare below is of crappy quality, check out the slides here.

UPDATE: There’s a new (September 2019) paper out on peer review effectiveness. Doesn’t look superfab:

timvanderzee pic

ps. if you prefer video, this explains things in four minutes 🙂

3 thoughts on “Preprints, short and sweet

  1. Hey. I’m an ASAP bio embassador in Helsinki. Nice to know we have someone else advocating for preprints here. BTW we should push this discussion into some sort of summit with PIs. What do you think? Terveisin


    • Hey, good to hear from you and thanks for leaving a comment! That sounds intriguing, but I’m trying to think realistically about time resources and there’s not too much room for extra stuff on my desk :/


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